Salesforce Vlocity

Salesforce Vlocity

➢ Vlocity Introduction & Basics 1 Hour
➢ Understanding JSON 1 Hour
➢ Success Community, University and Developer org 
➢ Understanding CMT & Health and Insurance domains 
➢ DataRaptor 

a. Mappings
b. Extract
c. Turbo Extract
d. Transform
e. Load
f. Formulas
g. Best Practices
h. Use Cases

➢ Integration Procedures 

a. Uses
b. Best Practices
c. Blocks
d. Frequently used Actions
e. Set Values

➢ OmniScripts 

a. Frequently used Actions
b. Display Actions
c. Inputs
d. Functions
e. Groups

➢ Vlocity Cards & Layouts basics 
➢ Product Configuration Basics 
➢ XOM administration Basics 
➢ Templates and Document templates 
➢ Vlocity Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) 

a. Overview of Product Creation
b. Product Specs and Bundles
c. Understanding Attributes and Attribute Categories

➢ Vlocity CPQ 
a. Order Capture
b. Pricing, promotions and Discounts
c. Cart-based APIs and Digital Commerce APIs